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  • In Modi ‘RAAJ’, Rape Victim Found No Rights to Rehabilitate

    on Jul 18, 13 • in Magazine Issues, Politics • with No Comments

    The way Narendra Modi is promoted nowadays; he seems to be emerging as the only possible savior of this country from poverty, unemployment, non developmental issues and issues of internal & external security etc. Modi has talked a lot about the development of Gujarat and transparent image of the Gujarat as far as the administration is concerned. Now on the bases of these claims, he is luring the entire nation to put their faith & belief in him. But, is he really doing what he claims..? The story that we are about to tell does

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  • एक इलाकाई नेता की मुल्की हसरते

    on Jul 15, 13 • in Magazine Issues, Politics • with No Comments

    कॉर्पोरेट जगत के एक हिस्से या मीडिया का उनके प्रति सम्मोहन देखिए कि कर्नाटक की शिकस्त को किसी ने मोदी की शिकस्त नहीं कहा था। कल्पना करें कि अगर उलटा हुआ होता अर्थात किसी करिश्मे से भाजपा जीत जाती तो वही मीडिया मोदी की ताजपोशी करा देता, जिसकी वजह भी समझ में आती है, मोदी ने अपने मुख्यमंत्री पद काल में कॉर्पोरेट घरानों केा जबरदस्त छूट दी है। इतना ही नहीं वहां अपने बुनियादी अधिकारों के लिए संघर्षरत ट्रेड यूनियनों पर भी काफी अंकुश रखे हैं। मोदी की इस ‘ताज़पोशी’ के पहले सम्पन्न कर्नाटक चुनाव

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  • LK Advani meets RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, says very positive for BJP

    on Jul 6, 13 • in News, Politics • with No Comments

    Advani, who sat side by side with Modi for the first time in the BJP Parliamentary Board meeting in Delhi on Thursday after the Gujarat Chief Minister’s elevation, discussed party matters and national politics with Bhagwat. Sulking ever since the elevation of Narendra Modi last month, BJP leader LK Advani on Friday made a significant visit to the RSS headquarters in Nagpur and claimed his meeting with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat would be “very positive” for the party and the national polity. Advani, who sat side by side with Modi for the first time in

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  • Two victims of Modi’s Rambo-giri

    on Jul 3, 13 • in News, Politics • with No Comments

    There’s a range of people who might be described as victims when he was merely chief minister. For instance, scores of Muslims, Pravin Togadia, Sanjay Joshi, Keshubhai Patel and so on. Then came some more when he became NaMo. Like LK Advani and Sushma Swaraj. Now, when he has moved on to a Rambo avatar, he has felled possibly unintended targets. Narendra Modi’s trip to Uttarakhand soon after the flood first struck was short and sour. The story of Modi’s efforts to rescue people from Gujarat who were stranded in Uttarakhand has already acquired Biblical

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  • LK Advani upset not just with Rajnath but two RSS pointspersons too

    on Jun 11, 13 • in News, Politics • with No Comments

    There seems to be more to what really made the grand old man of the BJP, LK Advani, so angry that he sent his resignation to BJP President Rajnath Singh. Sources in the Advani camp have told CNN-IBN that the issue of discord is not just confined to Rajnath turning down Advani’s demand for a separate election management committee. Advani aides claim the fundamental issue of discord now is how the BJP will be run. CNN-IBN has learned that the real reason is that Advani is upset with the troika of Rajnath and two

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  • Sarabjit Singh Brought India Dead

    on May 22, 13 • in News, Politics • with No Comments

    Sarabjit Singh, an Indian death row prisoner who died in Pakistan a week after a brutal attack by his prison inmates was accorded a state funeral in his hometown of Bhikhiwind in Punjab. The pyre was lit by Sarabjit’s sister Dalbir Kaur in the presence of his wife Sukhpreet Kaur, daughters Swapandeep and Poonam and son-in-law Sanjay before a large crowd comprising some VIPs including Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. Sarabjit Singh is the second prisoner who died in the Pakistan’s Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore this year. He was brutally attacked by around six

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    on May 22, 13 • in News, Politics • with No Comments

    UPA government received yet another major embarrassment after the CBI director on April 26 admitted before the Supreme Court that a status report on its investigation into the coal scam was “shared” with the law minister and PMO officials. The CBI affidavit put the UPA government in the dock, inviting sharp political reactions from opposition which demanded resignation of both Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Law minister Ashwani Kumar. “I submit that the draft of the same (status report) was shared with the Union minister for law and justice as desired by him, prior to

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  • Kejriwal’s Political Pursuit

    on May 18, 13 • in Magazine Issues, Politics • with No Comments

    Kejriwal’s game-plan is not very hard to decipher: He acts local to gain national recognition through a debut at the national theatre of country’s capital which apparently is the most media sensitive region. Somewhat the AAP has been able to create enough national buzz, though its little impact can only be seen at the regional level—Delhi, from where kejriwal has already announced that he would contest the assembly elections going to be held in November this year. sense of enthusiasm could be felt in bustling Sunder Nagri area in New Delhi. A white kurta-clad 44-year

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