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Salient points of the speech of BJP National President Shri Amit Shah during Parivartan Yatra, Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

bjp-amit-shahSeeing the huge crowd in the rally here, I am confident that BJP will have a bigger victory in Shahjahanpur during assembly elections compared to Lok Sabha polls in 2014.  We are also in favour of discussion and change in the way political parties take monetary donations so that there is transparency. Similarly all elections – right from Panchayat to Parliament – should happen on one day. However, the entire winter session was washed out because opposition did not allow Parliament to function. The opposition does not want elimination of black money from politics.  I urge all political parties to come forward and engage in fruitful discussion so that we can bring transparency in the country’s political system  In the last 15 years, it is either SP or BSP that ruled the state. As a result, UP has become the most backward state in the country on the parameters of progress and prosperity. We intend to change that.
 The youth of UP is both sharp and hardworking. UP is also blessed with abundant natural resources. There is plenty of water due to Yamuna and Ganga and land is both plain and fertile. The state has water, fertile land and hardworking youth but has failed to develop because the
state either gets caught between Chacha-Bhatija or Bua-Bhatija.  The UP CM has been talking only about demonetization in the last 20 days but has nothing to say about the state’s development. Before asking about demonetization, Akhilesh must give account of the work done by his full majority government in the last 5 years. He should not try to mislead the people by talking about demonetization.
 Wherever there are BJP governments, those states have 24 hour electricity, fully equipped ambulance service within 10 minutes, road connectivity, schools with teachers, job opportunities, industries, and ample supply of seeds and pesticides to farmers on time along with purchase of harvest. However, none of this has been done in Uttar Pradesh.  We want to develop UP so that the youth get job opportunities within the state and stay with their families rather than migrating to other states for employment.
 Neither behenji nor Akhilesh or netaji can develop UP because they are only focused on promoting their families. If UP has to be taken on the path of development, it needs a BJP government with a 2/3rd majority.  We are aware about long queues and problems faced by the common man to get his money. However, this pain of 50 days will benefit the nation for 50 years.
 This black money was also financing terrorism, naxalites, and drug mafia in the country. However, in on swipe, all the funds with anti national forces were turned into waste. The value of counterfeit Indian currency, which was injected to harm the country’s economy, has been reduced to zero.
 Congress, BSP and SP have been protesting the government’s response to the Supreme Court query on the issue of Triple Talaq. Even Muslim women have the right to a secured and safe life and practices like triple talaq should go. For the sake of votes, these parties are playing with the rights of Muslim women.
 If BJP comes to power in UP, we will ensure that land grabbed by SP goons is given back to its rightful owner.

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